Podcasts I’d Recommend

The Briefing with Albert Mohler.
I’ve been listening to The Briefing for over 10 years. It’s a daily analysis of news and events from a Christian worldview, and I rarely miss a day.
5 Minutes in Church History
Dr. Stephen Nichols has a passion for church history and leaves no stone unturned in these brief episodes on a variety of topics.
Give this one a try. It’s a program that explores the impact of the cults from a theological, sociological, and psychological perspective. And it’s fascinating just what can be derived when we deviate from Scripture.

God’s B!g Story
This podcast is just for kids. ~15 minutes in length, God’s B!g Story both teaches and sings through a Bible story, all while holding kids attention.
5 Leadership Questions
In this podcast, the hosts ask 5 leadership questions to different leaders and guests regarding a particular topic.
Baptist 21
Baptist (or B21) exists to promote conversation about the future of Baptist life while honoring those that have entrusted the faith to us.

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