Articles to Consider – May 17th

Church, Don’t Let Coronavirus Divide You

By Brett McCracken. “Those who are not comfortable with physical gatherings should be patient with those who are, and vice versa. As hard as it will be to practice patience, remember that in the scheme of eternity this season—whether it’s months long or years—will be but a blip.”

Beware the ‘Ideal Woman’ in the Age of Self

By Jamie Carlson. “Despite what we may think, we aren’t really looking for the beauty, success, and confidence promised by the evangelists of me-ology. We’re looking for something better.”

Is Your Church Christian or Christianish?

By Tim Challies. “There is nothing in all the world as precious as a truly Christian church. There is nothing in all the world as dangerous as one that is merely Christianish. Choose your church well.”

Published by Patrick Harmon

Executive Pastor @ First Baptist North Augusta

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